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Formerly known as Planned Giving Round Table of Arizona


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Sometimes you just want to pick the brain of an expert on some topic that is of interest but you maybe don’t deal with every day.  Or maybe you ARE the expert.

Office Hours is a one-hour small-group virtual gathering on a single charitable giving topic.  Think about what you know and could share with others in the field.  It doesn’t have to be a BIG topic.  For example, we don’t want you to even think about covering all the varieties of charitable trusts in an hour.  But you might offer a simple explanation of when a charitable trust can benefit someone needing an income tax deduction as opposed to when it is used for estate tax purposes.

The idea is 30 minutes of content and 30 minutes of discussion and questions where all the participants can see and hear one another and TALK.

I encourage you to:

  1. Pick a topic and submit it by accessing the RFP form button below
  2. Share the opportunity with other content experts you know

Click Here to Access RFP Form

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