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The monthly meetings committee worked hard to secure a wide range of presentations for the 2016/17 season.  Thank you to the entire committee for such great work!

Calendar these dates and plan to join us:
 Aug. 16,  2016
 Jacky Alling and Kimberly Kur
Arizona Community Foundation
"Planning for Family and Planning for Charity, and perceived Conflicts"

 Sept. 20,  2016
 "What's on Your Plate?  Round Table Discussions with Advisors,
   Development Officers, Planned Giving Professionals, etc."
 Oct. 18, 2016
 Tiffany House, CAP(R)
Mater Tech Financial
"Planned Giving Tools, Prospects for Each and Who Should Be at the Table When 
  Using Each Tool"
 Nov. 15, 2016
 Jim Gumpert
Boys & Girls Clubs of America
"Get Your Board On-Board:  Increasing Board Involvement"
 Dec. 2016
 Holiday Social
 Jan. 17, 2016
 Richard Kasper
Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix
"Legacy Efforts with the Jewish Community"
 Feb. 21, 2017
Daniel Openden
"SAARC:  A Real Life Planned Giving Program Success Story"
 Mar. 21, 2017
 Judi Smith
Arizona Community Foundation Sedona
"Marketing Planned Giving to Women"
 Apr. 18, 2017
 Edward Knight
"Gift Acceptance Policies and Investment Policies"
 May 2017
 23rd Annual Arizona Planned Giving Conference
 Jun. 20, 2017
PGRTAZ and AFP Joint Presentation
"Planned Giving Fundraising Techniques"

Thank you to Everyone who attended, supported and presented at this year's Annual Arizona Planned Giving Conference . 

Many Thanks to Our 2016 Conference Supporters!

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PGRTAZ Mission: Educate, motivate, and empower our community to collectively promote and facilitate planned giving.

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